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Replacement of all decorative plants with evergreen fruitful plants

I think it is a great waste when our planet is facing such massive pollution, that people and organizations use merely decorative plants in their gardens, plots or parks. Such plants may not have leaves during the whole year which means they aren't cleaning the air during the whole year. These plants are, generaly, not producing anything edible or useful. How good it would be if people cultivated evergreen fruit bearing plants only, or mostly, even if it is for an aesthetical purpose? Around the Mediteranean sea, for example, carob trees and olive trees are evergreen and produce very useful fruits with economical value. Imagine a school replace all its acacias with carob trees. Students could pick up carob and the school would sell it. Then students would be let to propose and choose different projects for the school or community financed by the money from the carob harvest.


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    Jun 3 2013: Hi Yavor, what's the role of happiness in your life?

    Happiness , which these decorative plants provide
    are as necessary as air and food for survival.
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      Jun 3 2013: Hi Adesh. Of course hapiness is the most important thing in life but the hapiness of all is even more important. Of course it is more important to have clear air than having more flowers or beautiful decorative plants. On the other hand food is necessary for hapiness and even if you don't need fruits if you plant them in your garden instead of simply decorative plants, you can give these fruits to somebody who needs them. Even if you consume them yourself you are reducing your carbon foot print.

      I understand Adesh. Decorative plants are a kind of a fruit for the eyes for those who are sensitive enough. But in my opinion decoration should come after specific needs such as cleaner air and more fruits to eat or herbs to make tea or medicines of. Of course we won't destroy decorative plants but evergreen fruitful plants can be beautiful too.
    • Jun 4 2013: The thing is, even those plants that create food for you are quite beautiful. Maybe not as much as flowers, but in their own way. Harvesting and eating something you planted and nursed is very rewarding. It's like doing and enjoying the same thing you already do and adding a new layer of happiness on top of it.

      It teaches us how much work and care is inside the food we consume every day and helps us to appreciate and value the efforts of a farmers work. Even when some of my plants don't yield any fruits, I still cherish the experiences I made in the process. And I think everyone who takes care of decorative plants, should at least try to harvest his own food once in his life, it's worth the effort.

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