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Replacement of all decorative plants with evergreen fruitful plants

I think it is a great waste when our planet is facing such massive pollution, that people and organizations use merely decorative plants in their gardens, plots or parks. Such plants may not have leaves during the whole year which means they aren't cleaning the air during the whole year. These plants are, generaly, not producing anything edible or useful. How good it would be if people cultivated evergreen fruit bearing plants only, or mostly, even if it is for an aesthetical purpose? Around the Mediteranean sea, for example, carob trees and olive trees are evergreen and produce very useful fruits with economical value. Imagine a school replace all its acacias with carob trees. Students could pick up carob and the school would sell it. Then students would be let to propose and choose different projects for the school or community financed by the money from the carob harvest.


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  • MR T

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    Jun 3 2013: Love the Idea!

    My local council has just spend thousands planting useless gingko trees (a once near extinct species from one valley in Australia) all down our high street. Whats the deal with that when my city is famous for its apple and pears?
    • Jun 4 2013: It's never a mistake to grow rare plants , especially when you do it at a place that was once their natural habitat.

      But people tend to over exaggerate certain stuff. Sometimes to much of something good can do more harm than good.
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      Jun 5 2013: MR T, I think best for nearly extinct species is to multiply them in nature and protect them there. In my view cities are a great place to plant fruit bearing and evergreen (if possible) trees. I think in some parts of Australia citruses can grow. So why not a council there spending thousands on planting a mixture of mandarines and oranges for example. Why not even ask every citizen to plant a citrus tree in front of his property and spend the thousands saved on helping families in need? Thats my opinion :)

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