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Replacement of all decorative plants with evergreen fruitful plants

I think it is a great waste when our planet is facing such massive pollution, that people and organizations use merely decorative plants in their gardens, plots or parks. Such plants may not have leaves during the whole year which means they aren't cleaning the air during the whole year. These plants are, generaly, not producing anything edible or useful. How good it would be if people cultivated evergreen fruit bearing plants only, or mostly, even if it is for an aesthetical purpose? Around the Mediteranean sea, for example, carob trees and olive trees are evergreen and produce very useful fruits with economical value. Imagine a school replace all its acacias with carob trees. Students could pick up carob and the school would sell it. Then students would be let to propose and choose different projects for the school or community financed by the money from the carob harvest.


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  • Jun 3 2013: I think it's a good idea to replace decorative plants with plants that you or your family can use. For example, I planted tomatoes, ball-peppers and herbs on my balcony and think I'll plant salad too. You can plant food for your animals or other vegetables. I think strawberries consume very little space and potatoes should be easy to grow if you have some space for them. I don't know which of those plants can be grown indoor in the shade. Would be really good if there were some suggestions which fruits or vegetables can be grown indoor and or on little space.
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      Jun 3 2013: Yeah... Anton you can easily grow aromatic herbs on your balcony, even some onions or strawberries. You can even make levels of big plastic bottles cut half connected with ropes as to save space by planting verticaly.
      • Jun 4 2013: I tried onions, but failed with them. I've seen the plastic bottle idea before. You can cut a whole in the middle of a bottle, fill it up with earth and insert a plant. You can connect a couple of those bottles with a rope, drill a hole in the bottom and lose the top. If you water the top bottle, it will drip down the hole and water the lower bottles too. That way you can create a curtain of bottles with plants in them. Useful if you have limited space but can hang them up on the outer side of the balcony. You can plant on a shelf on the walls too, turning the pots towards the sun. It increases the amount of space for planting and your gain. Or you could fill up plastic bags with earth, cut small holes in the sides, place your plants and hang them up. There are quite a few nice ideas out there, maybe it's time to collect them and try to plant as much food on our available space as we can.

        I love my plants and being able to harvest something I've grown in my flat or on my balcony is an extremely rewarding experience.

        EDIT:Almost forgot, radish works too.
        Maybe you should start with your plants indoor and after they reached a certain size to move them outdoor. That way you can grow them to a certain size inside and give them the space and sunlight they need for fruits. Creating some kind of rotation where you are able to harvest more frequently by not planting at the same time and by moving plants from the inside to the outside at a specific time.

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