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Two questions: 1) What's your favorite book? 2) If it's different from your favorite, what one book would you recommend to others?

I'm always looking for (inspiration for) "new" books to read. Fiction or non-fiction. With the titles of the books you list, in two sentences, can you give a concise summary?


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  • Jun 7 2013: My favorite book is The Complete Robot, by Isaac Asimov. It showed me the potential of the world, gave me my love of science, and taught me life lessons about discrimination. I think that reading this book marked a change in my life, from child to adolescent. I started to become aware that the world is much bigger than my little town.

    Though it is certainly my favorite, I don't know that it would have the same impact upon others as it did me. I think that circumstances and past experiences can affect how we ourselves are affected by books.

    For most people, I feel that reading Flowers for Algernon would be good. I think that, regardless of your own past history, Flowers for Algernon provides something. Maybe emotion, maybe a social issue to think on, maybe a view of the future. Regardless, I feel that it will have an effect.

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