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Political parties should be banned in the United States of America.

In George Washington's 1796 Farewell Address, President Washington warned the American people of the dangers political parties pose to the nation's government (that of the United States under the Constitution). Considering the current government's stalemate and the abilities of political parties to “divide a nation”, it seems most evident that he was right in expressing his concerns for the future of this country and for the welfare of its people.

As it appears, elected officials are more concerned with maintaining their own party's control over their rivals rather than serving the interests of the people and opens up the debate on whether political parties should continue to dominate politics in the United States of America at the expense of the American people and at the expense of a functioning government.


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  • Jun 21 2013: In case you guys wanted to know my unrealistic ideas... lol
    1. I think there should be one representative for this country as a whole, so yea keep the president, and VP for just in case scenarios.
    2. Instead of congress, who is just as corrupt as anything else, they should be replaced with the governors that sit at the round table with the president and the cabinet. Since they're most involved with the states.
    3. Then mayors who consult with the governors, councilmen/women who consult with the mayor.
    4. We should remove our troops that are in other countries unwanted, set them up on and within our borders
    5. Only troops we release will be, A. in cause of a war or B. on some peace corp type mission to help other countries
    6. No secretive meetings, all info disclosed to citizens only through whatever means is more secure, we need to make citizenship more exclusive.
    7. All officials are voted on by the people, all issues/laws/acts are voted on by the people and carried through by the government. We the people should have the right to remove a police officer/military officer who is being unethical or abusing their position, as with any government official. no one has unlimited passes to be appointed, only 2 terms for each government position.
    7. We need to put morality and ethics back into the government and back into the people, things need to change about the kind of behavior we promote in our media, we should promote more ethical, peaceful, considerate behaviors.
    8. And lets start chopping some of these laws that are merely forms of aggressive marketing and sales for sponsoring companies.

    And lets celebrate individualism, all these labels are dumb that's why there are so many sub labels, no one completely agrees with one party unless they're forcing themselves to

    Please don't be too harsh on my unrealistic-ness. lol.
    • Jun 24 2013: The reason we can't just get rid of Congress and replace it with the governors is because then the urban districts will have a major advantage over the rural districts. It's the same reason Congress has two chambers. The reason that Congress is corrupt isn't because it exists; it's because special interests pay for political campaigns. We need to instate a limit on campaign contributions, and it needs to be really low. Candidates should be forced to use low-cost methods of communication such as Youtube.
      • Jun 29 2013: Not necessarily true about urban regions....a flat tax would help create an even playing field. I mean ten percent of any and all income for every one earning a living and that includes especially corporations and banks. Wrong about congress....the reason congress is corrupt is because it is inhabited by corruptible humans. The smaller the number of people involved in governing the smaller the chance there will be corruption. We can't get away from the fact that people can be corrupted. I do, however, agree with your idea of limits on contributions, but I would take it further and declare a ban on any corporation making donations to any political party. Individual contributions can be set at a low number.
    • Jun 29 2013: Your idea is brilliant. Non partisan 'managers', which is what governors are and a non partisan chairman, which is what the presidential office could represent would be of immeasurable benefit to your country. There will be a lot of opposition to the idea of change in the form of government....but don't be dissuaded. Humans tend to react to change the same way.....it scares them because it represents the unknown. 'Better the devil you know than the devil you don't' is a well known failing of our species. As much as the ideals behind your government are sound, the administration of all ideas depend on people and, unfortunately, people can be bought. That is why existing legislation on corporate law has to be dramatically curtailed. Corporations need to be confined to their country of origin. Internationalism has given strength to the greedy and power mad executives of the world. Outlaw all donations to government by corporations and institute a flat tax of 10% across the board to all corporate incomes. The federal reserve bank needs to be closed down and banned for eternity. Allowing a privately owned company to have control or influence on the nations finances is a BIG mistake. Banks need to be nationalized for the length of time necessary to fine comb through their assets and practices so they are much more transparent to the auditor general and his staff of forensic accountants. Keeping banks and corporations within reasonable boundaries, transparency of operation and continuous scrutiny of their transactions will result in a much lower rate of crime and a lessening of the tax burden from the middle class to corporations that currently make massive profits and pay little or no taxes..

      There's a lot more that needs to be done and I think your ideas are worth developing. It would be good to see government 'of the people for the people' don't you think?
    • Jun 29 2013: Uniqea, i thoiught your thoughts were interesting and unique like your name. You write like a thinking person.

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