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Political parties should be banned in the United States of America.

In George Washington's 1796 Farewell Address, President Washington warned the American people of the dangers political parties pose to the nation's government (that of the United States under the Constitution). Considering the current government's stalemate and the abilities of political parties to “divide a nation”, it seems most evident that he was right in expressing his concerns for the future of this country and for the welfare of its people.

As it appears, elected officials are more concerned with maintaining their own party's control over their rivals rather than serving the interests of the people and opens up the debate on whether political parties should continue to dominate politics in the United States of America at the expense of the American people and at the expense of a functioning government.


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  • Jun 9 2013: I think political parties and politics in general is necessary.

    The human being is not a self-sufficing creature, thus is always found in some sort of aggregation I.e country, village, family etc .
    ONE could argue that it was evolutionarily advantageous for mankind to live in aggregation.
    Family is the lowest level of these aggregations, the average family represents an elementary political structure, it has the characteristics of dictatorial and monarchial political structures, I'm alluding to the "whatever I say goes" mentality most parents have.
    If the lowest form of aggregation exhibits political structure, so too must the higher forms (countries).
    Thus politics will always exist in one form or another, it can't be eradicated without sacrificing the well-being of individuals in the aggregation.

    My problem with politicians is their failure to follow thru on promises they make during election time.
    I'd like to propose a stipulent in the electoral process stating that if an elected party does not carry out a certain proportion (say 80%) of its promises,that party is removed from office and banned from taking part in the next elections, another vote takes place as soon as they are removed and banned.
    • Jun 29 2013: Good luck accomplishing that!
      • Jun 29 2013: Ha ha...i don't see it happening either, society is naive, we are in need of a good dose of rational thinking.

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