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Political parties should be banned in the United States of America.

In George Washington's 1796 Farewell Address, President Washington warned the American people of the dangers political parties pose to the nation's government (that of the United States under the Constitution). Considering the current government's stalemate and the abilities of political parties to “divide a nation”, it seems most evident that he was right in expressing his concerns for the future of this country and for the welfare of its people.

As it appears, elected officials are more concerned with maintaining their own party's control over their rivals rather than serving the interests of the people and opens up the debate on whether political parties should continue to dominate politics in the United States of America at the expense of the American people and at the expense of a functioning government.


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  • Jun 13 2013: The issue of Political parties and lobby groups who get elected on false promises and then do for themselves can be solved in any democracy by one simple change. We trust each other to vote our conscience and to protect each other from graft and outside pressures we give each other the power of a SECRET vote. This trust must be extended to our politicians. Give them a secret vote on all matters and we would see the demise of all lobby groups and the tremendous weakening of political parties as those elected officials would be able to vote uncontrolled just as we all expect of ourselves. Bet this would increase turnout to vote as the vote would not seem to be wasted. Look at the mess we have made of pollsters with our own secret vote!!
    • Jun 29 2013: I believe that we are truly living in a sort of police state where parties and "our elected representatives" do not listen to their constituents any longer and have resorted to looking out for #1. history teaches us that all precvious "democracies" (Greek, Roman, Eqyptian) all collapsed after 2-300 years due to one major weakness: the original moral foundations eventually become replaced by selfish, mercenary greed and corruption. Getting all money out of politics would be a good starting point of reformation by complete campaign finance reform. Cmpaigns would only be allowed on free public airways/media, 2 term limits and OPEN government. But I fear we have gone past the time for reform and our democracy will die as others before us.

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