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Political parties should be banned in the United States of America.

In George Washington's 1796 Farewell Address, President Washington warned the American people of the dangers political parties pose to the nation's government (that of the United States under the Constitution). Considering the current government's stalemate and the abilities of political parties to “divide a nation”, it seems most evident that he was right in expressing his concerns for the future of this country and for the welfare of its people.

As it appears, elected officials are more concerned with maintaining their own party's control over their rivals rather than serving the interests of the people and opens up the debate on whether political parties should continue to dominate politics in the United States of America at the expense of the American people and at the expense of a functioning government.


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  • Jun 11 2013: Maybe the problem is more about how election campaigns are funded than it is about political parties. To reduce the influence of special-interest groups, all election campaigns could be through taxpayer-funded forums. Candidates would submit a deposit (to be returned if the candidate receives 10+% of the vote). That way, candidates wouldn't have to sell their souls for campaign funds. Candidates can list their general philosophy through "party affiliation", but be elected on the basis of ideas rather than campaign funds. There would then be less pressure for elected representatives to adhere to "Party Lines", instead of openly contributing ideas to "Best Practice" solutions to government issues.

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