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Use the energy put into exercise machines by people to put energy into the grid. I wonder how much of an impact this would have on the Earth

Pretty simple i think. Hook the exercise machine up to something that would send electricity back into the grid. This action being done by the large amount of people that exercise on eliptycals, stair masters, guided weight equipment, ect. could generate alot of power. Let me know what you think!


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    Jun 1 2013: It is very possible and not a bad idea at all. A team of researchers in a portuguese university, for example, developed devices that are placed on the road near roundabouts which receive the energy from the braking and transform it into electricity. The same team of researchers created a device that collects the energy of pedestrians walking. A group of portuguese high school students came up with the idea of a chair that would transform the heat of ones body into electricity to charge phones and mp3 players. Really great stuff that will help decrease pollution!
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      Jun 1 2013: That is simply amazing and makes me want to ask "WHY ISNT THE USA (a so called superpower) not doing this? I love that someone else is putting the thoughts that I have into use already!
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      Jun 1 2013: What's stopping us from just simply connecting our phones and mp3 players to a area of our skin to draw energy from our body? I realize that we would need something that would have the least impact on our skin and be able to work with living matter without destroying it but i think we have that already (EKG machines and things of that sort). We should retrofit one to be able to charge a device and see what happens!
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        Jun 5 2013: Ok, ok, let's have a biology check here. The original idea was good, but drawing energy from an area of our skin is way too dangerous. Several issues:

        1. Amount of energy needed- You'd have to cover quite a large portion of the skin to get enough voltage to charge a phone.

        2. Thermal v. electrical energy- You'd have to convert thermal into electrical energy which requires some apparatus that would not be very small. EKG machines transmit electrical signals from the nodes of the heart, not heat energy.

        3. Ethics: Why don't we just enslave a bunch of people and plug our iPhones into them? Sounds ridiculous, but the concept of using the human body for something really unnatural is disturbing.

        4. "Drawing energy" - The apparatus would have to be on our body to get that layer of heat surrounding us. But it'll interfere with our natural homeostatic mechanisms such as sweating, which is also quite dangerous.

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          Jun 5 2013: I hear you Mike but i would never suggest enslaving people to charge things. I meant more along the line of using our natural electromagnetic physiology to generate the electricity, not thermal as you suggested. If we did use thermal though we could apply it to our clothes and make it breathable. I can only imagine the static we create moving around throughout our days. We could store it then just exhaust it when we need it otherwise just let the battery charge til we needed it. Still a work in progress though!
          Thanks for your thoughts Mike. Keep them coming, never know we might invent something one day!

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