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Attitude or Aptitude

Aptitude = Ability to learn
Attitude = Desire to perform or in other words apply learning
If so which is more important ?
Learning can enrich individual self, while performance is the outcome hence impacts others as well. So half full glass attitude brings better impact than a half empty glass attitude even if their aptitudes are at the same level.
Thats why instead of looking for high aptitude is it not better to look for right attitude?
Want to hear reasons of agreement or disagreement .

Closing Statement from Salim Solaiman

Thanks Iynn,Amily & Renu for participating in this conversation.
With our limited discussion, it seems Attitude palys a great role over Aptitude about outcome of anything.
Let's strive for right attitude to turn world into better place.

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    Apr 13 2011: so what you are saying is same level of aptitude+half full glass- same level of aptitude-half empty glass=better impact
    conclusion:half full glass is better than half empty?
    so my question would bedose that" better impact" comes from half full glass attitude alone?no, i think its the combination of the two that comtributes to the better impact.(like what Renu said) any thonguts?
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      Apr 21 2011: My thoughts regarding of bringing impact can be expressed with following formula

      same level of aptitude + half empty attitude < same level of aptitude+half full attitude

      and also

      Higher level of aptitude + half empty attitude ≤ lower level of aptitude +half full attitude
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    Apr 12 2011: Attitude ensures your aptitude brings you optimum learning and ensures effective application of that learning.
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    Apr 12 2011: I feel same applies in other fields as well. Right attitude is important to make things happen positively than having a person with high aptitude but wrong attitude.
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    Apr 11 2011: In music, attitude trumps aptitude, unless of course, one is forced to work with a disagreeable person to pay one's rent. For pure enjoyment, however, I'd much rather play with a less talented musician than a hot shot.