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Science and Faith-meant to work together or oppose?

Science and faith...A sometimes controversial topic that arouse both sides with facts an opinions that science and faith cannot work together...But have we ever looked beyond this and asked can science and faith work together to explain what the other cannot? What's your take?


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  • Jun 3 2013: But dont scientists themselves also disagree on issues?
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      Jun 4 2013: Yes, they do.
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      Jun 8 2013: Scientists do get it wrong and disagree at times.

      About half the scientific conclusions published in medical journals later get shown to be incorrect or only partially correct.

      The thing is they follow the evidence, testing their hypothesis, building a better understanding.

      The fact that scientists get it wrong and disagree on some issues does not mean there is a reasonably sound and improving base of scientific knowledge. The earth rotates the sun, not the other way round. We use science for technology that works.

      Theists also disagree. They believe in different gods and goddesses. Even people who call themselves Christians disagree and set up rival factions and denominations. Some who claim to be Christians think Jesus was a god others don't. Some take genesis literally and others don't. Some have personal experiences or revelations or intuitions that they interpret into conflicting claims.

      The theist world based on subjective experiences, personal interpretations and contradictory writings and dogmas, which I suggest is far more unreliable than science.

      IF religious beliefs and practices are becoming more benign. well and good. Europe had centuries of religious conflicts. The middle east is a religious mine field. Thousands of "wirches"killed (still happening in PNG). Suicide bombers and jihadists. Pogroms against Jews. The Jews doing over the Palestinians. The hate against homosexuals. The sexism. Scriptures commanding adulterers, homosexuals, sabbath breakers, and unruly children to be killed. Women as chattel. Triablism reinforced by religion. I suggest the clash of human rights versus religious intolerance and ignorance still continues today. Thankfully some doctrines have aspects promoting peace. Unfortunately the Abrahamic ones in particular have a lot of vile iron age morality. Still even Buddhists in Myanmar are killing minorities.

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