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Science and Faith-meant to work together or oppose?

Science and faith...A sometimes controversial topic that arouse both sides with facts an opinions that science and faith cannot work together...But have we ever looked beyond this and asked can science and faith work together to explain what the other cannot? What's your take?


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  • Jun 3 2013: I'm not sure what you are asking here. Faith and Science are opposite poles of the continuum that is the search for knowledge. Science observes and looks for behaviours and then postulates rules that allow predictions.
    Faith postulates an explanation for a behaviour and/or event that may or may not already have a scientific explanation and does so without any evidence.
    They can barely co-exist and I don't see how any useful conclusion can be drawn by using both religion and science on a topic to end up with a predictive system.
    Perhaps you can offer a hypothetical example???
    • Jun 3 2013: Your comment is most valued Gordon but dont you think that there are certain questions that may arise that faith or science cannot answer but they need eachother to solve because everything on this earth has a balance. Like take for example ying and yang isnt there a possibility that science and faith are thr natures to balance eachother ou?
      • Jun 3 2013: This is my question back to you. I can not anything that faith has answered and so I can not extrapolate it's help in a scientific endeavour.
        There are many answers that science can not currently answer. But they are being worked on by someone somewhere.
        Faith, unless I have not understood anything for 60 years, is based on unquestioning belief in the writings of an assumed authority. Generally this authority is hundreds of years dead and from a non-scientific environment.
        How can faith add to a conversation when it has not evolved or advanced since the middle ages?
        Can you offer a hypothetical question that faith is required in crafting a solution that is acceptable to both faith and science?
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      • Jun 7 2013: Hardly. Faith says that praying will make it better. Your kiss is just applied psychology.
        And not all parents will do both which you know if you have been reading the newspaper recently.
        I can't imagine that you disagree with faith being an unquestioning belief. It allows no discussion and will not change with evidence.

        As an aside, I often wonder what bone in your head makes you (religious types) quote singleton verses from the bible out of context and usually very little relevance?
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        Jun 8 2013: what if the child had an accident,severely injured,in coma,what kind of sense does it make to giving a kiss in this case? It is science that we can resort to to heal the child.
      • Jun 8 2013: First of all I am not trying to be rude. I am pretty sure that would be more obvious were it happening.
        Secondly, Mathew 18:3 states that a person will not get into heaven unless they drop their existing worldly vanity, wealth and riches and adopt a humble attitude, drop your competitive spirit and accept that everyone is equal and drop any envious feeling towards others.

        I doesn't actually refer to children getting scrapes on their knees.

        See..Religious type quoting the bible out of context and relevance

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