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Is gender natural or cultural?

For a long time now I have always heard that gender is nothing more than a social construct. I was told that if we taught women to be aggressive and taught men to be more emotional we would have a society nearly the exact opposite of what we have now. But is this really the case? The genders are not the same, we have different reproductive organs, different muscle densities, different brain chemistry and even different brain structure. None of these can be social and all would affect behavior. Furthermore in the 3 social apes and most social monkeys there are clear gender roles so why not humans?


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  • Jun 1 2013: Obviously, there exists a difference of gender in humans. However, to me it is not clear what is the fundamental aspect of gender.
    Is gender a property of the physical body? Is it a lifestyle? What is the real difference? How much is genetic? How much is culture? Is gender a concious decision of identification?

    Why is it that one physical difference such as gender seems to naturally define certain roles in society while others do not?
    • Jun 4 2013: Well more accurately gender is more than one physical difference, there are differences in genetics, body chemistry and body structure. What I am asking is does it also affect psychology or is this all just made up.

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