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Confucius and Mao's role in the economy

Everything he touches on in this lecture was based on the restructuring of society during the cultural revolution. The reason why China's economy is so strong is because of Communism and Mao.

The beginning of the alteration of China's economy began during the Cultural Revolution.

I agree with some of what he was saying but disagree that Confucius deserves any credit for the strength of China today. The reason why China's economy is so strong is because of Communism and Mao. The Chinese economy started growing during the Cultural Revolution.

Social relationships changed dramatically during the Mao era because women were able to go to work. This boosted the economy because you have just doubled the labor power of the entire nation. Confucius believed that men should always be superior than women and that children should be subordinate to their fathers and so on.

The reason why china believes they have one race is because they took away classes and united the people. This is a communist idea. Race is a divider, used by the capitalist system to keep those in lower classes subordinate. The are "decentralized" in the same way that every communist state should be run. Power trickles down. Money trickles up.

Also, China is a democracy just as much as the United States. A republic is what the united states is while China is a socialist state.

Tibet, most people don't understand it is a power struggle which has been going on because the leaders of Tibet want a Monarch.

The power of the Chinese state was challenged less than 100 years ago, during the civil war in china. This means that it has obviously been challenged and this the view of the state came from the Cultural Revolution, not Confucius.

Dang introduced the ideas of the market back into the culture so China become a strong economy.

China's economy is strong because of communism, not of Confucius.