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Ending all charitable deductions.

The deduction of charitable donations from federal taxation has contributed dramatically to the deficit and the raging right wing movement to end all federal involvement in research and development, education, health and other major social programs, environmental problems and the safety net for the poor. The loss of revenue to states from exempting real property such as homes of religious speakers and buildings for charities is severely impacting progress, contributing to poverty, poor educational standards, malnutrition and the stupidity of parents who do not vaccinate their children against deadly diseases because they have not been properly educated about those diseases and the horrible deaths that their unprotected children face. Tax free status has also "contributed" to the deterioration of our roads and bridges, our school buildings and the lmany other social benefits have been gutted because of the billions of taxes that are ducted by donors to foundations and charities..
Our IRS is overwhelmed with 70,000 requests for tax free status every year. We should stop allowing anyone to avoid their obligations to support the states and the country they live in by paying taxes.
I will never support the idea that charities should raise billions in tax free money, often by duping contributors, and especially that people the Bill and Melinda Gates can write off donations of billions of dollars and then direct where that money is spent and what it is spent for, even if they are spending it for great and marvelous programs. We have no control and very often no information about what these huge foundations do or don't do.
It has already been proven that people will donate even if their donations are not tax free, so why are you trying to turn our human need to help others into another major boondoggle, other than to justify enriching yourself and a few others at the expense of government programs that we can investigate and oversee. I am opposed to your ideas.

Closing Statement from Spring Bright

Regarding the comments:
Although our government is not run for profit, it is not a charity and it is not a business.
Taxes are essential to pay for services to ensure our safety and well-being, including police. firefighters, defense, education, health, food safety, roads, air traffic control, prosecution and jailing of criminals, etc.
"Non-profits" are not only taxpayer subsidized through income tax deductions, they pay no taxes on those donations. DOUBLE tax-free.
They pay no property taxes on hundreds of thousands of buildings. TRIPLE Tax Free.
Many of their employees pay no income taxes even on millions in salaries. QUADRUPLE Tax-Free.
Many of them receive government (taxpayer) grants. QUINTUPLE Tax-Free.
And they are not answerable to taxpayers who provide services such as defense, police, firefighters, roads, levees, etc. ad infinitum, that they use and without which most of them could not survive.
Since when is a Chamber of Commerce a charity? it provides education aimed only at making businesses more profitable. Why is an art club or a country club so special that it requires tax free status? What makes these organizations so valuable to taxpayers that we subsidize their very existence? Who knows?
Why are these organizations beggars at the public well?
We should not have to subsidize organizations and schools that teach material that offends the religions of others, whatever that religion. We should not subsidize political parties whose only educational "charity" is to indoctrinate people to vote for their candidates.
We must simplify the tax code and reduce our collection costs. Ending 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 status would instantly slash the maze of deductions and free the IRS to pursue tax cheats.
Many schools we subsidize as non-profits are horrific failures at educating our kids. Arizona gives Tax Credits for school donations yet only 27% of their students meet K12 goals.
Please note that these subsidized private school are very profitable.

  • Jun 1 2013: Sounds like you want to the government to be the only charity. Let's think about how efficient and compassionate the govt is. And let's think about how many polished bridges the first world people can drive on while the developing countries' kids starve. And it also sounds like you haven't done your homework on the many people with needs that our tax money will never address, including disability, hunger, psychological mentoring and spiritual needs (it isn't even legal to talk about spiritual needs). Few gang kids get off the street because of govt paychecks. But many get off the street because charities go in and treat people as complex humans with needs bigger than money.

    It isn't *proven* people will give the same, whether a deduction is available or not. People are economic animals. As much as we'd like to think we're altruistic and virtuous, most people are economically driven. And tax deductions are not tax credits. It still "costs" to donate, even tax-wise.

    Everyone who works for a charity is paying taxes. Charities are (usually) not avoiding obligations. No profits from a charity are owned by anyone but the people that it serves. Unlike insurance companies, charities do not pay dividends on profits causing the donor or insured to pay more and more.

    If we removed tax-exemption from many organizations, we'd see a large flood of political talk coming from these organizations. You know how many influential spiritual leaders in our land would mobilize people to vote? Since most spiritual leaders tend to be conservative in America (think: churches), you would have unleashed a heavily financed voting block unlike any political tsunami the Left has ever seen. It could elevate our political discourse to civility again. What the heck... let's try it.
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    May 31 2013: I agree with you but if charities are forced to pay taxes we should also make millionaires/billionaires pay taxes on their masses of wealth instead of being able to donate a small percentage of what they would be taxed to avoid the taxes on said wealth. Anywho if everyone was taxed the way they should be taxed it would probably start to improve the slump were in.Then instead of donating to the charity there would be enough taxes accumulated to just pay for the programs that truly need the funding. This is just my opinion so don't really think on it too much if you know more then me. Just tell me what you know and i can learn and understand more.