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Spiritually Mature employees lead to better working environments and increase in productivity .

We spend most of our lives at our places of work. Not many of us work from home. In fact..most of us are at places miles away from where we live and from our families.

Work takes up most of our time and so does engaging with people, many of those - we wish we never knew. Cut throat competition, Politicking and a deep rooted sense of Insecurity form the edifice of many organizational cultures. This along with work pressure, has alarming effects on overall well-being significantly. Even the domestic environment suffers.

In such a situation, having a spiritual bent of mind and work will improve employee interactions / superior - subordinate interactions leading to better working environments, less stress and an overall increase in well-being.

I therefore feel that introducing spirituality at the work place will enable a healthy organizational culture. A strong case of better employee well-being leading to better individual well-being.

I suspect, many may wonder the impact on productivity and profitability. My feeling is that both will increase, given the employee's heightened level of belonging and involvement. A strong MBO appraisal system, will address the issue and can actually lead to a well rounded work culture.

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    May 31 2013: While not all work environments have the features you describe, I agree that people are more productive and able to solve problems independently or collaboratively if they approach work situations with a constructive perspective that considers the big picture. Further there is plenty of evidence (see Seligman's TED talk), that feeling connected with others is the major factor in contentedness.

    These attitudes and conditions do not require spirituality but can be consistent with it.
  • May 31 2013: I practise meditation techniques in my free time and weekends and I have found a lot of positive change in in my attitude towards my subordinates, co-workers and even my family. I wish I could extend the same in my workplace.

    While work is important and must be given due respect since thats how we contribute to the progress of society. There must be some motivator and that's the money. It is imperative to development. However, many of us tend to be consumed by it and we act in ways very different from how we would in the midst of friends, and we spend much more time with our colleagues than we do with our family. That's what makes it worse. We start off by living dual lives and then get so consumed by the other side of us that we stay longer in, that we tend to forget our real self. That's where the problem comes in.
  • May 31 2013: Sure LaMar, you're quite right. When I mean spirituality, it has nothing to do with religion, it's more a way of life....of awareness of the self as a whole and a part of the larger picture.

    Even a semblance of spirituality brings about a refreshing change our perspective to life and work.I have worked in countries where religious discrimination is a way of life and even HR tells you about it !

    Religion complicates things. Religion is a set of rules, beliefs and rituals laid down to establish conduct in society. Spirituality is a universal set of rules that govern life. It brings you closer to yourself.