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A Universal Programing language, or a language that can be universal.

when we thought of computers a decade ago, you thought of the matrix and the universally understood binary visuals of 101011011010110. But as time progressed and more advancements took place, we have gone from the binary to many other forms such as VB, Html, java, C, API and many other custom software languages, but really they are all saying the same things, just in different ways or words.

Why not have a language that defines these terms from all languages and creates a universal functionality that allows for easier meshing of different softwares to create large diverse programs?

Is this already happening, in the works or just a dream of the future?

Ideas, thoughts, comments?


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  • Jun 4 2013: My interpretation of the question is - when is the proliferation of computer languages and hand built solutions going to solidify into a standard toolkit with a building code (yes - like building codes for building buildings)
    Not for a long time. By a long time I mean this time next century or so.
    Look at the timeline for computer languages - the pace of their creation is not slowing down. If anything, it is speeding up.
    There are still fundamental research to be done in hardware and software development with new wild cards being added all the time (Quantum computing for example).
    In my 37 years as a computer programmer/engineer/manager/consultant/designer/architect I have personally learned and programmed in 28 different compiled languages and yet we (the industry) continues to re-invent itself every 18 months or so.
    That is the primary reason there are so few little old programmers around. How many times can you re-learn you knowledge base if it recycles every 18 months. No other industry lacks a solid base of knowledge that you can maintain and build on. After a few turns, people burn out and go elsewhere.
    Kids remain fascinated by the pace and so it remains a youth oriented culture without the benefit of journeyman's experience in solving problems - because no one stays around long enough to become a journeyman.
    Its not happening and it won't happen for a long time (perhaps in pockets like gaming but not generally) until the industry grows up.
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      Jun 13 2013: So then how about we merge the creation of a universal Programing language with the Applications of a Software AI Algorithm made to be open sourced in a way that allows for constant programing language input ( like an anti virus does for definitions ) then inside this software you are able to type as if you were to me and you now, and have it translated to any programing language or an all in one.

      Like a programing language babelfish, just more geared towards the common usage of written/typed language converted to programing to allow for use by anyone, as well by any platform being it can be read by any language.

      I understand the Programing languages change due to various things, but with so does ours in every language, and we adapt to it rather well.

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