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Would you rather want economical improvements or environmental protection? Or both?

So far, I have believed in the saying that "Modern technology owes ecology an apology." Somehow, we humans have abused our use of Mother Earth in our thirst for easier lives, riches and power. And I just think, along with our need to improve human lives, we have to double think: our benefits and Mother Earth's as well.

Just wanted to engage in new ideas. :)


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  • Jun 2 2013: You are wise to be so young, and I like your expression, "Modern technology owes ecology and apology." I've tried to imagine a smarter technology whereby it complemented Mother Earth, instead of ignoring her needs. In this exercise of learning, I was brought to the depth of what really ails mankind, and it is mankind "Himself" as in male dominance. All of our troubles are steeped in a patriotic fervor; country against country, community against community, family against family, brother against brother. This has been a rhetorical pattern of behavior that must stop before we can focus on the needs of Mother Earth. Mother Earth comes first, something that the fast paced world has overlooked.

    Patriotic fervor is the creation of Man's desire to make war, not peace. The simple fact that war is profitable, peace is not, resonates clearly in every judicial and political acts performed by those in power. The real power still goes to the people, but the people are not organized. However, we are at a decisive precipice now in our history. With the Internet the people have the greatest chance of organizing in the history of mankind. The question is, are there enough of us with our heads out of the sand to make a difference?
    • Jun 4 2013: thank you. :)

      and about that last line: i really wish that i can go hands-on in my advocacy for mother earth. as in like thinking big and doing big.

      there have been a lot of environmental movements lately but the problem that branches out is the sustainability of their projects.

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