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Would you rather want economical improvements or environmental protection? Or both?

So far, I have believed in the saying that "Modern technology owes ecology an apology." Somehow, we humans have abused our use of Mother Earth in our thirst for easier lives, riches and power. And I just think, along with our need to improve human lives, we have to double think: our benefits and Mother Earth's as well.

Just wanted to engage in new ideas. :)


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  • May 31 2013: I believe it is too difficult for us to sacrifice our economic lifestyle to improve ecology. Although it can be done, it would require a large shift in our social structure and views as a community on the way we live our lives, and I cannot picture people - as a whole - being willing to sacrifice their economic stability for an improve environment.

    I think the solution exists in the middle, where we find a way for ecology and economics to function dependently on each other. If the two operate as separate entities, then one operates without concern for the other. For instance, since the economy does not operate within the constraints of ecology, economists believe in "unlimited" growth. Yet unlimited growth is seen as possible only when considering economic goods. We need to begin to place a price/cost on ecological goods, and thus expand the scope of the economy outside of just the sphere of humanity into the sphere of the entire planet as a whole.

    Outside of the fundamental ideas of economics vs. ecology, I also deeply believe there are ways for us to potentially shift the way economic goods are produced, distributed, marketed, etc. in order for their to be both ecological and economic benefit, at the same time. We need to begin to find ways that we can produce goods with either minimal waste, or in a manner that allows waste to be transformed into a resource for other processes, whether that be ecological or economic. This is especially important because of the break-neck pace at which technology advances. If we want to maintain the pace at which we advance, we need to begin to factor in the environment into our technological innovations.
    • Jun 1 2013: so it's more like an integration of both. thank you for sharing. :)

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