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Would you rather want economical improvements or environmental protection? Or both?

So far, I have believed in the saying that "Modern technology owes ecology an apology." Somehow, we humans have abused our use of Mother Earth in our thirst for easier lives, riches and power. And I just think, along with our need to improve human lives, we have to double think: our benefits and Mother Earth's as well.

Just wanted to engage in new ideas. :)


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  • May 31 2013: Interesting question. At first I say enviornmental but then I realized they are tied to each other. If we integrate them further so that to get the economical rewards we have to pay for the enviornmental it could be a win win. I can also see a mandatory enviornmental tie could cause a new economical field.

    Problem - world agreeing
    • Jun 1 2013: world leaders should really come up with a feasible solution. hehe. thank you :)

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