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Video games = art?!?

should video games be considered a form of Art, not just an example of design? If you cant think of an example of Games as Art, then what would that look like? Who is doing it right? What is keeping it from achieving Art?


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  • Jun 8 2013: Video game is no doubt a form of Design from the very beginning. Design and Art have different purposes in general. But there is a fine line between Art and Fine Art. If we consider craft work as art in a broad definition, then some high-quality video games could be considered as craft art because of beautiful scenery and smooth navigation design, which is entertaining and functional. However, video game is not capable of becoming Fine Art because of its very nature. Video game is part of the game family including sports, math, cards, and more.

    I agree with many people here: Fine Art is ultimately the reflection of humanity, a mirror to the soul, and sublime experiences of life, which is not necessarily functional, entertaining, or even beautiful.

    So video game is more related to Design.
    Design - Yes
    Craft Art - maybe (it depends on the graphics quality)
    Fine Art - No

    P.S.: Art provokes emotions/feelings. However, whatever provoking emotions doesn't have to be art, such as war, a new-born baby, abusive words, or a rose...
    • Jun 8 2013: Couple of things:

      Are you saying video games cannot reflect humanity, echo sublime experiences of life, and that sort of things? But then again, this will all become subjective in discussion.

      Also, the way you describe the design of video games makes me wonder if film and filmmaking should be design instead art because of its functional approach and mechanical reorganization of reality.

      One more thing, I'm confused with the art/fine art differentiation. Are you saying video games are art but not fine art? Moreover, do we need to make a distinction if the goal of art and fine art are the same (in that case, what is the definition of art as opposed to fine art, is art not a reflection of humanity?).

      • Jun 9 2013: Good questions and there are no Yes or No answers. As I said before, there is a fine line between Art and Fine Art. Millions of people draw and paint, how many Van Gogh and Michelangelo in history? A hand-made ceramic bowl by my 5-year old niece reflects humanity too. Is that art, fine art, or things that only my family likes? Moreover, is Architecture considered Fine Art, Art, or Design? In short, as you mentioned, this would become subjective in discussion. To explain everything in perspective might take hours. (not kidding) Not that I don't want to help, but in order to prove/support what I am trying to convey, the among of research, practices, and theories involved could lead to a conference paper easily. :-) which would be interesting to write.
        • Jun 9 2013: Yea, it definitely would. Though I personally believe video games are art, any sort of perception of video games, like labeling them as a for of interactive design, is always a good thing for the medium, because I am more of a supporter for a better understanding of video games (and more respect) and putting it in the MOMA was a great move by Paola and the way she did it pleased me.

          Art or design, I think video games have limitless potential and, as a gamer of 16 years (so, yea, a lot of bias), I know there are a great number of things people can learn from them.


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