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Video games = art?!?

should video games be considered a form of Art, not just an example of design? If you cant think of an example of Games as Art, then what would that look like? Who is doing it right? What is keeping it from achieving Art?


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    Jun 3 2013: maybe worth checking a game called "Journey"

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      Jun 3 2013: I followed the link. Have you seen Journey in action yourself? If so, what were its stand-out features to you?
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        Jun 3 2013: i don't have a ps3, but i saw reviews and video footage. everyone that tried had an emotional blast and long lasting impression of loneliness, decay, sadness, joy of meeting someone, grieve of losing someone, and such things.
      • Jun 4 2013: Even if you never played a video game before, you should experience this game. It's beautiful.
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      Jun 4 2013: Journey is one of the games that gets brought up alot, and for good reason....
      Its a prime example of what Indie Games are doing for the game industry... If a game could be considered Art it will probably be an Indie game....

      and while I haven't played it myself, I have sat behind friends while they played it and found my self mesmerized by the styling and soundscape. It is a beautiful experience....

      Another surreal game is a bit more mainstream but if you ever play it or watch someone play it "Katherine" is an amazing game that has a lot of meaning and symbolism mixed into what is essentially a puzzle game... but the way the game plays, the ambiance, the pacing; it leaves your deeply engaged and present as the game unfolds..... If you don't feel like you're going crazy by the end of Katherine you probably were't playing Katherine...
    • Jun 5 2013: Just like films, books and music, video games are starting to get the same categoric division. One end would be the purely entertaining games like Warcraft etc. and the other end would be games like Journey and others which have a deeper dimension.

      I saw a playthrough of Journey on YouTube, it's about 1:30h and it's amazing. The design, the music and the unbelievably emotional aspect of meeting an anonymous companion along the way are clearly an example of how video games can be channeled to present a whole new kind of interactive artistic expression.

      One other game I would point out to is Planescape: Torment. I was very young when I played it but I still remember how fantastic and complex the story was. Ultimately it was a fantasy game but it raised philosophical, moral and ethical issues, relations and self-reflection posing a very interesting question "What can change the nature of a man?" The end was almost reminiscent to that of a Greek tragedy and I highly recomend it to everyone. The story was of course acompanied with amazing visuals for that time and very, very creative ambient and setting (though taken from D&D it was brilliantly adapted and brought to life).

      In a few years I honestly expect to find masterpieces of art among games that don't focus on entertainment but rather on a more complex form of expression much like films, which will integrate a multitude of disciplines such as direction, visual design, interaction design, camerawork and writting.

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