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Video games = art?!?

should video games be considered a form of Art, not just an example of design? If you cant think of an example of Games as Art, then what would that look like? Who is doing it right? What is keeping it from achieving Art?


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  • Jun 3 2013: Personally, I think that some games (as it happens with movies) should be considered art, whether some shouldn't. Some are sold having profit as a goal, when some are made for people to understand, be impressed and love them, to feel emotions while playing and bring back memories. Or you can have a sort of realism, where graphics or the game's physics are designed to be as similar as possible to reality. And some, even, are only raw art, being abstract or with little gameplay at all.
    But what I think games are most important at, and where almost any other type of art fails at, is interaction. When playing some games, you can feel as you were watching a movie: tense, afraid, happy, depressed, melancholic, amazed. But when playing a game, you don't simply watch it, as if you were only part of a distanced audience or an external viewer. When you hold the power to interact with the game and take decisions, move your character, chose what he speaks, chose what to do, and so on, you feel as if you were inside of it. You feel part of it. It is not only looking at a drawing, looking at a movie, listening to a music, but it is taking part in that world. A game called Dear Esther, for example, is a good example of this. Dear Esther is an amazing mix of artistic and realistic scenery, a philosophical and poetical plot about a dying man's writings, including emotional memories and suspense created on who is playing, not to forget a perfect ending featuring it all in a few artistic and incredible unspoken seconds. And you feel like you are really inside of the story because you are the one who controls the walking person.
    Therefore, and I know and accept that my view of 'art' might be different to many people, I believe that games can be a sort of art that can combine and include many other types of art: visual arts, applied and decorative arts (music, dance, film), performing arts (literature, poetry), etc. with the incredible possibility of interaction.
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      Jun 4 2013: Its that aspect of video games that i fell in love with... Since 1st grade i had an affinity for the arts and pretty much knew i would attempt to do SOMETHING with it.... it wasn;t till i saw the Opening cinimatic for a popular game of the time, Final Fantasy X, that i realized Video Games were an option. it was the first time a game, this interactive world was as visually stimulating as a movie or painting. Not only was it beautiful but "I" was running around in it. If i want to explore every inch i could. If i wanted to talk to people i Could.... In that moment I knew i could invite every body into my Imagination... that if I could make a video game i would be able to show people the things i see, the stories and characters i imagine every moment i have to myself....Not only show them these things but let them interact with them and experience them as i get to experience them in my own mind....

      so how could something capable of that NOT be considered Art?

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