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Video games = art?!?

should video games be considered a form of Art, not just an example of design? If you cant think of an example of Games as Art, then what would that look like? Who is doing it right? What is keeping it from achieving Art?


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  • May 31 2013: Are we differentiating design from art? I ask this only because, as someone within the design/architecture field, I run into people who believe what we are doing is extremely technical (not art), where as others view it as extremely expressive (art). The same is probably true, I imagine, with video games. There are technical aspects to designing a video games, and non-technical aspects, and it's this amazing blend of right-brain and left-brain that makes the end product. That in itself can probably be considered art.

    I've heard the same debate about script writing for video games. Should writing a story line for a video game be considered below the quality of writing a story line for a tv show, musical, play, or movie? I'm not an extreme gamer, but I've played video games with immensely deep and emotional story lines in them.

    So I am just curious. Is design separate from art? Or should we consider them one and the same? Maybe art assumes operating without constraints, without a specific client or target group in mind. Where as design, we tend to have a client and intended audience in mind, and set parameters and boundaries.
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      May 31 2013: I think there is plenty of difference between art and design.... though in these professional arts the design is as much the medium as the medium itself... for instance i can imagine in architecture you don't think of elements of design as some kind of limiting force per se, but more like different colored paints you use on a canvas, the canvas being the final "design".
      and i would also think that many "Professional " artists find they are more creative and more involved in the work when it has these limitations.... Like a puzzle that must be solved.

      in games, your limitations are simple; is it fun, does it work, is it different... basically your only limitation is what the system your game will be played on is capable. while the "industry" has stagnated in their pursuit of money.... tje Indie community has been experimenting and creating amazing stuff....

      I guess what i am saying is with Video games Sure design is a huge part of the process, especially if your goal is to sell to a specific market, but its not the rule, its a screw driver in our toolbox.

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