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Should it be mandatory for young females (age 14-21) to be on birth control? Would it be immoral?

I've read and heard a lot on young mothers within society here in Australia recently. Some people say these girls are nieve and immature to raise a child, and others say they are brave and strong women who accept their responsibilities.

In the articles I've read, most girls have been around the age of 15 to 17 with one child, others with twins or triplets. Some still in a relationship with their baby's biological father and others doing it solo. Some have been abandoned by their family and friends, and others with full support behind them.

If birth control is mandatory for young females it will;
- Reduce the birth rate
- Reduce the population of young mothers
- Reduce the rate of welfare dependants
- Reduce the unemployment rate
- Possibly encourage sexual activity (?)
(And any other points you could think of)

But is it immoral as a human being to have control over a natural gift women are blessed with? Is it necessary for young women in the 21st century?

Yes or no?

  • Jun 3 2013: Hakana,
    very very immoral. Birth control needs to be available, it needs to be openly discussed, it needs to be constantly improved, but most of all, it needs to be TAUGHT. Educating kids about birth control so that they can take responsibility is what will reduce the things you mentioned. And, by no means, is birth control the sole responsibility of the woman. It takes, after all, two to tango here.

    No one can or should be allowed to determine how old someone should be before they become a parent. Sexual and intellectual maturity is reached at different ages, under different circumstances, based on all sorts of factors, both internal and external. The most teenage pregnancies occur in under-developed countries where education is severely lacking, and when it happens in developed countries, the factors often have to do with social disadvantages like poverty, lack of education and abuse, which IMO is where the attention needs to be focused.

    According to an extensive, detaled study on teenage pregnancy:

    "Numerous studies have shown that compared with sexually active young women who avoid pregnancy or who become pregnant and choose abortion, those who become pregnant and choose to bear a child are more likely to come from economically disadvantaged families, live with only one or neither biological parent, and have been sexually abused or raped. Typically, they also have lower educational and career aspirations and older partners."

  • Jun 12 2013: It would be a gross abuse of power. Governments should never have the power to this.
  • Jun 8 2013: Making girls 14-21 take the pill seems quite barbaric if you ask me. i am not saying that we should incourage young girls to be having unprotected sex but i do believe that if at an early of 13/14 that we make young girls as well as boys understand the concequences of having unprotected sex. In my school and life i have been taughted hardly anything about sex. i believe that young people should be throughly educated in sex even though parents my want to shelter their child which is understandable but it is nessercairy that children know what they really do need to know about sex and that they CAN talk to someone about it and feel confident enough to talk about it and say NO if they want to also on that note RELATIONSHIPS between lovers,friends,famliy and other assosiates should be explain to children so they can understand how their feelings towards people are and how to control they and express them in the RIGHT way eg if you dislike someone instead of bullying them just dont hang around them and be polite to them if they ask you for something or are made to wrork with them
  • Jun 7 2013: No. The young mothers I know have all raised beautiful children and most of them have gone back to school and have successful careers. Who is the government to dictate who has to be pumped full of birth control? Who is anyone? How about we do something about the young men impregnating all these young girls?
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    Jun 3 2013: I think we must respect others freedom as far as they don't use it to violate others rights. But one thing I am sure about we must reduce the rate of birth in the world so that we don't compromise the planets future. The issue isn't that simple because there is enough food and housing for everybody now existing but it isn't fairly distribued. But as things are more people on this planet will make things worse...

    Women should handle the sexual and reproductive affair with extreme care and responsibility not just because of AIDS and overpopulation, but because when children are born and their parents don't have good conditions to raise them and provide them with education then these children will suffer.
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    Jun 3 2013: Hi

    Best is self control.
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    Jun 3 2013: HI Hakana

    Sex education should be mandatory for every individual as early as they can understand.

    It should be mandatory for parents and teachers to know when , how and what to be told to their ward.

    Than only, woman as well as man will be able to enjoy, a natural gift we are blessed with.

    Best is self control.
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    Jun 1 2013: All people everywhere want one thing: They want to make their own choices! People want to choose where they live, who they do or do not live with, what job they have, what automobile they might own and what clothing they wear every day! That is how the world works.

    If birth control is going to become mandatory, how will the government make that happen? If the government of President Obama tried to do that in the U.S.A. there would be riots in the streets. "You cannot force my wife/daughter/sister to take birth control pills!" And besides, the rest of the government would not let Obama do this.

    I do NOT think that Obama would want to make contraception mandatory for all girls. He has two daughters himself. He is a Christian man with strong family values. So is his wife and his mother-in-law who lives with him at the White House. As a father, I do not think that Obama would want to force ANYONE to take birth control pills or be on contraception! And if anyone tried to force his daughters to do that, they would be arrested by the Police and jailed. They absolutely would!

    No, I think it is a bad idea to force this on anyone. I do think that there is a problem with teen pregnancy. And families should be stronger and more complete. Children should have mothers and fathers and good homes.

    No. Although I do agree with you that there is a problem. And the problems you identify are very serious. It would never be acceptable to force young females (age 14-21) to be on birth control. Not only would that be immoral, it would be politically impossible in most all nations of the world.
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    May 31 2013: .
    It should be.
    It is moral.
    As our brains mature in about 21, we should self-control before 21.
  • May 31 2013: This would be egregiously immoral.

    You listed some of the consequences of this action. What would be the intended objective?

    Another consequence would be the clear message that women in this age group are not responsible.
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    May 31 2013: Requiring girls who are not sexually active to be on birth control means exposing them unnecessarily to the side effects. Are you saying that some place in Australia is considering this policy?