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Who's responsibility is it to teach sex-education? Parents or Schools?

Many schools in the West are no longer giving sex-education in schools. And, unfortunately, most parents are uncomfortable to talk to their kids about sex. Hence, youngsters end up getting partial or even incorrect information from the internet. In my opinion, teenagers MUST receive proper information about safe sex practices before they engage in sexual practices. But, who's responsibility is it to give it to them?


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    May 30 2013: Every people have desire, also young people. It is particular object, because young people have great attention to try explore un-experience thing. I grow in the middle family with full respect in liberalism, I'm a moslem but this is not bother my perspective.

    As a son with young age (few years ago), I always ask to my family or my school mate (Friends or My teachers) if I'm not understand with the thing. Moreover about "dirty things", I was often asking my Mom and My teacher to explain about "sex content". The great thing, their always answer my question with sentences that can be digested properly. So I always enjoy with my question even though I ask about sex thing. First thing, I want convey to you how to be Important to good answer, don't let they feel cornered with their question. Still respect with that. The problem is how to teach they with good persuasive, not vulgar but still educated. So don't discuss sex education is necessary or not, because it's still important. Second, give they feedback to let often asking about "sex content" where their not understand enough.

    So if your question, who's responsibility is it to teach sex-education? Parents or Schools? Exactly it is Our, Whoever we are either as Teacher, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Neighbor, or Class mate. We all have same responsibility to educate one each other. So let it flow, let they finding the things what they need. Especially Parents, don't forget to watch and stay controlled their activity. Because family is everything.
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      May 31 2013: Agnan what a beautiful explanation of your own personal experience.
      Thank you for sharing this.

      May I ask you? What, in your opinion, helped you be so open in asking questions about "dirty things" to your mom and teacher? Alot of children and young adults are afraid to ask these types of questions.

      "Family is everything"....yes, family is very very important.
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        May 31 2013: Respect one each other. If young people afraid to ask, don't force them to make question. So am I, As a son with young age few years ago. I'm asking, if I needs. So let they finding the things what they need. Always, give they a trust.

        Environment where I live always give humble ambience and feel enjoy to discuss some "dirty things" as long as not out of topic.
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          Jun 1 2013: Thank you for your reply.

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