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Who's responsibility is it to teach sex-education? Parents or Schools?

Many schools in the West are no longer giving sex-education in schools. And, unfortunately, most parents are uncomfortable to talk to their kids about sex. Hence, youngsters end up getting partial or even incorrect information from the internet. In my opinion, teenagers MUST receive proper information about safe sex practices before they engage in sexual practices. But, who's responsibility is it to give it to them?


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    May 30 2013: sex education taught in school for me was a waste of time..anatomical diagrams and scientific references prepared me for nothing...sex is about relationships and shared expression..and in some cases about the creation of new life,which when done with caring is a sacred event...done poorly..similar to a car crash. I believe that it is as adults our collective lack of ability to speak effectively on the subject is due to our lack of knowledge to what sex is when done well. WE dont teach incorrect math and incorrect human relations are also not what is the larger portion of a sex education...but what is a godd respectful partner,what is fair treatment,how do I know if the person is correct for intimacy...all this is confusing and has valid conditions. Next regarding life..how to keep oneself healthy to produce healthy babies(if desired) toxins in the enviornment,poor health,stress all factor in...Finally regarding the actual act of sex,what does it mean? A relationship,commitment,fun,invasion,experiment? One should think first...what should sex(or love) be for oneself...then finally after one knows most of the above..the physical act...SHOULD be described in the bio chemical range firstly...what chemicals are exchanged...are they the same for each participant...and why...describing sex in old fashioned ways in an embarrassed fashion with secrecy and shame is not realistic in a culture which hopes to provide its children with the best possible path...of course if you are already determined to stay repeating the past it is your choice...I just wish I had this information before I encoutered my first date
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      May 30 2013: I think same with you, but however sex-education still important to educate young people in school. may the problem is how to teach they with good persuasive, not vulgar but still educated.

      Actually, teacher can give feedback to students and let their often asking about "sex content" where their not understand enough. It's to be good for make ambience in the study room. Because this is my experience few years ago as a student, these condition make me feel enjoy to discuss some "dirty things" as long as not out of topic.

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