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Does evolution destroy us?

Evolution occurs when a mutation is beneficial to survival right? Well with us humans, we have civilizations and surviving in our time means being educated and getting a job and making money. Well could the next stage of our evolution be us merging with technology to make us more efficient? Or on a scarier thought, could we create computers and robots that surpass us, take us all out, and those robots continuously build more robots that surpass the last in an exponential growth of inteligence?Could that be the future of human evolution?


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  • Jun 29 2013: I think that technological increase with regard to artificial intelligence will have an upper limit. Our machines will continue to get more complex, capable, and similar to us...however, humans have a deeply ingrained and cherished concept of what it means to be human, and I don't think we are willing to let go of this. The creation of supremely intelligent robots won't happen overnight, and during this slow and steady progression, the scientific community will likely be met with strong opposition from the humanists, and from any scientists who also realize the value of humanity. We are in control of our machines, and I have faith that we will be cautious enough to maintain such control in the future.

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