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Does evolution destroy us?

Evolution occurs when a mutation is beneficial to survival right? Well with us humans, we have civilizations and surviving in our time means being educated and getting a job and making money. Well could the next stage of our evolution be us merging with technology to make us more efficient? Or on a scarier thought, could we create computers and robots that surpass us, take us all out, and those robots continuously build more robots that surpass the last in an exponential growth of inteligence?Could that be the future of human evolution?


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    Jun 18 2013: There's the natural evolution and the man-made evolution. The natural evolution, if we do not interfere in it, is not under our control. If we interfere in it, it's not natural. The man-made evolution you mention can go in either way depending our morality which leads to what choices we make. Like in any other parts of our lives, also here are 2 counteracting forces or possibilities. If we will make the moral choices, good things will emerge from the man-made evolution, which will benefit the entire mankind and vice versa.

    As one line from an Indian pop song from the 70s simply says: If the Good wins, it will be good for each one of us. If the Bad wins, it will be bad for each one of us.

    I am not concerned with the computers or the machines taking over or making bad. For that the humans are enough to turning everything really bad when they make the bad choices and so IMO the humans should focus on themselves and watch their own values, choices and actions ceaselessly. Only if and when a computer with any value is born, which IMO will never happen, then it will be a different story.

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