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Does evolution destroy us?

Evolution occurs when a mutation is beneficial to survival right? Well with us humans, we have civilizations and surviving in our time means being educated and getting a job and making money. Well could the next stage of our evolution be us merging with technology to make us more efficient? Or on a scarier thought, could we create computers and robots that surpass us, take us all out, and those robots continuously build more robots that surpass the last in an exponential growth of inteligence?Could that be the future of human evolution?


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    May 30 2013: L’Évolution consciente se produit au sein de notre génération parce que nous avons une plus grande compréhension des processus de la nature: le gène, l'atome, le cerveau, l'origine de l'univers, et toute l'histoire de la création, du Bing Bang jusqu'à nous. Nous sommes en train de changer notre compréhension de la façon dont la nature évolue ; nous allons de l'évolution inconsciente par la sélection naturelle à l'évolution consciente par le choix. Avec cette connaissance accrue et la puissance qu'elle nous donne, nous pouvons détruire le monde ou nous pouvons participer à un avenir de dimensions incommensurables. Le pouvoir de co-destruction ou de co-création a été mis entre nos mains. .
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      May 30 2013: The Human conditions and circumstances have always been unprecedented. Since our proliferation from Africa, we have always devised new environments for ourselves always adapting to new situations.
      Yet there is a scary variance, we now have the capacity to destroy civilization and all life in the planet in the process. Can humanity evolve a sense of responsibility if anything for self-preservation? Or is the undirected evolution of our culture too sluggish or inappropriate? Can the same be asked of Biological evolution?

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