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Ever struggle with your left brain?

I fear I'm getting very polarized in the way I see things.

A logical/methodological model view of the world tends to win out over its counterpart of discovery and risk taking.

Got any useful information to help me see both sides?

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Closing Statement from Arun Jose

Beside what I learnt here, I think the highlight is the quality of the conversation here.

Everyone who replied on here took some time out to think about a question that meant something to them, looked at it from multiple angles and came up with whatever they thought of it.

Life never really has black and white answers with a million shades of gray. So for me looking at 5 different answers is a lot more invigorating and tells me humans are one hell of a creative bunch.

In other words, your answers to how to live with a left brain, seems to tell me to go on a summer vacation soon:)

Thank you!

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