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ADHD, Friendships, Social Skills and Medication Am I wrong to not wanting to medicate my son ?

I am a full time dad alone with my son for the past 7 years, no family to help us, I have been dedicating my life towards helping him to succeed in school.
The school is pressuring me to get him on medication.
I am also with ADD/ADHD I tried the medication and the side effect was so bad that I decided to not expose my son to it.

at time he can have 100% in his math test and other time 60% his spelling is the same. Where my son is struggling is in social skills, routine.

Are those issue will change with time?
Am I preventing him of a opportunity to learn more ?
What are the long term effect of all these new drugs ?

He is a very happy child considering he has no mother and rarely has friends over , he is a avide reader , each night he has to read his book, he is very articulate , and has empathy, good communications skills, and best of all he want.s to be a Doctor when he grows up
when I told his principal about his goal she laugh.

Medication Vyvience. Aderall ....

With my son I only use Food, exercise, positive renforcement, patience, understanding, empathy, workshops, play, and time with him lots of time with him, to a point where I have been single for the past 7 years.

Help and advise would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time
a Happy dad


Closing Statement from Daniel Lauzon

Thank you Teders!
All your supports and comments it gives me the courage to keep going and keeping it real for my son as of now I am still keeping him off med but I am seeking specialist to further more his diagnostic
I want to give him the chance that I didn't have when I was his age.

Understanding , Patience, Empathy, Time, Love.

Thank you
We are not alone
Daniel & Elton

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    Apr 19 2011: my son is 12 yrs old now in 6th grade. when he was 4 yrs old in pre-K he ran around his class like some kinda maniac and his teacher had him evaluated by the school psychologist. I was called in to a meeting with the teacher, principal, and school psychologist and was told I needed to take his hyperactive butt to the doctor and get him placed on ritalin posthaste.
    I told those people that i was NOT going to do that. He was a teeny little active curious healthy 4 yr old boy and if they thought he sat still at home they were sadly mistaken. I told them that I was in the process of teaching the boy (get ready for this) SELF CONTROL. I told them even at the tender age of 4 i would snatch that boy up when he got overly rambunctous and remind him that i might swat his butt to remind him how to behave but HE was the one who actually had to make himself behave. His squirmy little body, he had to control it. I then told them that i was enlisting THEM in my endeavor to educate and enlighten my child by charging them with my method - when the little squirt got out of control it was THEIR job to remind him that he had to control himself. It might be a seemingly never-ending process of "reminding the boy" ~ but that was what they were to do, and be gentle and compassionate about it. And each year he has progressed a little more and a little more & now he is perfectly acceptable socially (well as socially acceptable as a 12 yr old can be). There are kids in his grade who ARE still on ritalin and they are big ol' messes. and i'm very proud of my boy & he is proud of him too - cuz HE did it, he DOES it every day. ya gotta teach your kid this stuff. I've always been a very open and honest mommy, but it seems to do the children right, i have a 26 yr old kid too & she is a sweet, fun, funny, prosperous, loving member of society. good luck with peace and love

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