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Do you believe TED is elitist and exclusive?

My main reason for asking this question is to find out how you,the members feel about TED as a non-profit organization. I've recently been looking into TED because of a research paper for school and I've been aiming to argue against the idea that TED is elitist and that they are exclusive. However I would really like to hear from other people whether you believe TED is in some ways elitist and/or exclusive.


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    Jun 3 2013: Well, here's what TED has to say about it (not sure if you knew).

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      Jun 3 2013: Thanks Jimmy, I have actually read the page already about what TED has to say to critics concerning their "elite" and "exclusive" ways. It has helped a little bit, but mainly hearing responses from other members has helped me even more. I love how some people define or describe TED. Words are powerful and these words I've read from commentors have moved me :)

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