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Do you believe TED is elitist and exclusive?

My main reason for asking this question is to find out how you,the members feel about TED as a non-profit organization. I've recently been looking into TED because of a research paper for school and I've been aiming to argue against the idea that TED is elitist and that they are exclusive. However I would really like to hear from other people whether you believe TED is in some ways elitist and/or exclusive.


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    May 30 2013: If you look at the cost of attending a TED event you realize most of America cannot afford to attend. On that basis one might jump to the conclusion that TED is just for the rich and famous. That would be a profound fallacy in logic. Examine the services and tools on TED.com available to the commoner. TED Conversations is administered to allow open, free-of-charge, access to the hoi polloi. Look at the feature called "TED Ed". Look at the Talks; Playlists; Conferences; TEDx events; and TED Community. As others have indicated already in this conversation, rules and standards are NOT an indicator of exclusivity. My answer to your question is a most emphatic NO!
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      Jun 3 2013: Thank you very much for your thoughts on the question I posed. I agree with you most definitely and think that people outside of TED who know nothing about the positive impact TED has on the community would jump to a conclusion based on what they see from the outside. Critics are going to be there no matter what and this is why people should do their own investigation and at least decide for themselves what to believe about TED
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        Jun 3 2013: Bravo, young lady. It's called Critical Thinking!

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