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Do you believe TED is elitist and exclusive?

My main reason for asking this question is to find out how you,the members feel about TED as a non-profit organization. I've recently been looking into TED because of a research paper for school and I've been aiming to argue against the idea that TED is elitist and that they are exclusive. However I would really like to hear from other people whether you believe TED is in some ways elitist and/or exclusive.


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    May 29 2013: In your paper you will likely want to define what you mean by "elitist" and "exclusive." Anyone in the world can listen to the talks for free, so no one is excluded from listening and learning. But not everyone can just walk up onto the stage. TED or the TEDx curators, select in order to showcase the most exciting and original ideas. So no one is excluded from commenting on talks or participating in Conversations, but not everyone gets to talk on stage who might want to.

    Does curation make something elitist or exclusive?
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      Jun 3 2013: Thank you for your input. It has helped me organize my paper and it's becoming a lot more fluid for me to write.

      I would have to say curation itself doesn't make something elitist or exclusive but it would depend on the person or group of people who did the curating. The curator could be prejudiced which would directly affect the content being shown. If the curator was unbiased, or at least attempted to judge content reasonably within their knowledge, then they wouldn't be elite or exclusive.

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