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Why are we afraid to make mistakes?

I recently saw this article and found the following paragraph: "In science, you make your mistakes in public. You show them off so that everybody can learn from them. This way, you get the benefit of everybody else's experience, and not just your own idiosyncratic path through the space of mistakes."


While i'm not sure that all scientists share their mistakes so that others can learn form them, i was wondering why we're afraid to make mistakes at work, for instance? Is it because we are told that mistakes are not tolerated? Could it be our education, from our family and school, that mistakes should be avoided at all cost or hidden when they happen?

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  • Jun 13 2013: In my opinion,in the nawady,there are too many reasons for us to be afraid of makeing mstakes,the fundamental issue is profit,profit controls huge amount of people and influence their thinking,of course there are also some people afraid of making mistakes cuz they worry about their reputation,this is very general phenomena that is existing in academia,or someone who is on a very important position who always care about his own reputation.From my point of view,mistake should be tolerated.Let me quote Sir Ken Robinson's words"i am not saying to be wrong is the same thing to be creative,but if we do not prepare to be wrong,we never come up with anything original",and by the way let me have a short self-introduction,i am a Chinese young man,i am 31 years old,living in main land of China right now,i am very much interested in Science and a scientific way of future,i support of zeitgeistmovement and thevenusproject lol,my English skill is not good,so there were many mistakes existing in my sentences also lol ,am i making mistakes too :P

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