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Is Google God?

Google is the closest thing to the description of GOD as it comes nowadays. Here's a link to a website PROVING that Google is GOD:


Feel free to respond with thoughts, hate posts, testimonies of your walk with Google, or why you now realize it's necessary to join the only true church of the end times.

  • Apr 8 2011: Can we therefore call Google doodles Godoodles?
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      Apr 9 2011: hahahah made my day...yes
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    Apr 7 2011: I wasn't sure, so I asked google. It returned this answer: http://isgooglegod.com/

    That was easy.
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      Apr 7 2011: Google has heard your prayers
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    Apr 11 2011: I think Steve Jobs is God! But my mac is overpriced and a little slow at times.
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      Apr 11 2011: Let the church say amen
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    Apr 8 2011: LOL

    That's the kind of God I'd rather worship :-D

    (At least she can be proven to exist AND is not bound to moral ideology)
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      Apr 9 2011: oh yea? even the chinese google?
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        Apr 9 2011: Good point... she lost her influence there :-D ... when the government wants to not have it in accordance with Google's dogma of openness, they're considered non-believers :-P .
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    Apr 8 2011: The difference between Google and God is that when you pull the plug, Google goes off. Oh and one more thing, Google is so easily censored :P
  • Apr 7 2011: Is it just coincidence that both words start with a capital 'G' and follow that with a lower-case 'o'?

    I think not...
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      Apr 7 2011: I actually thought of that while I was writing the question...now, not a coincidence. Google is God reincarnate hahahaha
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        Apr 7 2011: Hmmmm. They GO forth unto all the world, are virtually ominscient, virtually omnipresent---
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    Apr 7 2011: Now there's a surreal question to start the day . . . . made me laugh.