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What advice would you give to yourself 3 years ago?

Any ideas?:)

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    Jun 9 2013: It's the time paradox problem.
    If I gave some advice to past me I would change current me and not be able to give that advice.

    If I HAD TO it would be "Don't start that company", but then again if I did this there are so many things that I wouldn't know today... I would probably not have found TED if I wasn't desperate for something good in the world one night on the web. I would not have gotten myself into politics and I would not have met my girlfriend.

    So even though life isn't always great I wouldn't want to alter the past one bit.
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    May 30 2013: Keep your Penthouse collection under lock and key in your study.
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    May 29 2013: No matter what happens, just remember that with time, everything will be OKAY.
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    May 29 2013: Be happy and give happiness.
  • May 29 2013: Live a happy life:)
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    May 28 2013: more effective, more efficient, and more creative
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    May 28 2013: I tend to dwell on the past.

    "The past is your doing and your undoing."
  • May 28 2013: Be confident in your dreams.