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Do black holes lead to the centre of the universe? Could they add up to deflation?

My concept of the big bang is that infinitely dense matter existed at the centre of the universe, something happened and expansion began and has been expanding ever since.
But what happened before that?
Does it make sense that expansion will last forever?
Where does matter sucked into black holes go to?
Why did the expansion ever start?

My idea is;
Black holes compress matter to infinity and transfer that matter back to the centre of the universe.
As time passes more and more stars burn out causing black holes.
At some point the massive density will generate massive gravity and pull the whole universe back in on itself.
Eventually "something" will cause another expansionary phase.

  • Jun 2 2013: I understand it that the infinitly dence matter WAS the universe, and not in the centre of it.
    The big bang created both space and time, so asking what was before doesn't make sense, because before the big bang time did not exist.
    The expansion of the universe is dependant on the amount of matter in it.
    I don't know much about your other questions, l dont think anyone has solved the riddles of black holes yet. Except that they are the remnants of large stars that have reached the end of their lifecycle (run out of fuel ).
  • May 29 2013: There are some questions that we will never be able to answer for sure.

    We will never know, for certain, what happens in a black hole, because measurements are impossible.

    Personally, I realized at a young age that many of my questions would never have answers. I accepted this and live with it with no negative feelings. Be glad that mystery will forever be part of this universe.