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How you see Asian heritage in many perspective..?

This is common knowledge if you see the most of Asian peoples, their lifestyle was always modeled at the western life. And partly than they really love to claim that western culture is very "good looking" than their native culture, for example like general Indonesian peoples. Many people here love foreign culture, like dancing, music, lifestyle and the other. In the end, most peoples forgotten their have inheritance culture from their mother land. How you see this in many perspective..?

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    May 28 2013: I hope Indonesia and other Asian countries will work to keep their own cultures alive. The world would lose much if national differences were lost and all cultures became the same. We can share modern technology without becoming copies of each other. Best of luck.
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      May 28 2013: I hope so, Actually in diversity we have rich cultures where people just little know. Maybe not only Bali famous, but other region will show up with their own culture.

      Maybe you've never heard "Adu Ketangkasan Domba" in Garut, West Java, Indonesia (If you need know, please googling). It's very attractive culture in our region, may be similar with bullfight in Spain. The difference it sheep. Again, we have unique identity where people just little know about us. And unfortunately, things like this are rare exposing in our national media. Their keep with business priority where just exposing glamor and consumerism, lot of advertisment and showbiz industry. Media becomes suspect that directs people to not love their own culture.
  • Jun 17 2013: Well...i cant speak for Indonesia...but in certain parts of Asia,the same question is asked ...cause the younger generation is pretty much cool with the'western life',however i think that too much of it wont be good and will just be detrimental.
    Again for the younger generation if the culture is such that a person cant do this and that..then it would be no wonder if they go bonkers trying to just go all "western"and in this way forget about the real essence of their country.
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      Jun 17 2013: Many younger people forget this, where their origin and whole true essence as nation in their land. Maybe the superior foreign culture becomes suspect for directs people to follow they culture. It's so bad.
  • May 29 2013: Classical issue and any ace wouldn't be ignored and forgotten.