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Top Movies and why they inspire us?

The Arts have a way of inspiring us. Great writing can be compelling, Art, Music and Dance can be moving and tell powerful stories. Films will live forever now with the technology we have to sore them. What are your favourite films and why did they move you?

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    Apr 11 2011: Big Fish!! That movie taught me so much about the beauty and joy of life. Your life is what you make of it, you are the story teller, you choose how to see the world! "The biggest fish in the river gets that way by never being caught". Another great quote::
    "You must've taken a shortcut"
    "Yes I did. It almost killed me"
    "Life will do that to you. And truthfully the long way is easier - but it's longer".
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    Apr 8 2011: To me, the best movies are the ones that twist your gut or stimulate your brain or warm your heart or set your soul on fire.

    Here are a few of my fav's.

    21 Grams - heart-wrenching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZXR9ZrRR2c
    A Single Man - stunning Colin Firth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aypyJtHzC70
    Don't Move - one of Penelope Cruz's best performances. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sSyxF_GUQc
    City of God - eye-opening. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJdW1TevoyA
    Red Road - Andrea Arnold rocks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSfy6UpAXKQ
    The Killer Inside Me - disturbing but very well done http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U2LUsfeMwg
    Up - a must see! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkqzFUhGPJg
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      Apr 8 2011: a lot of it is just rooted in basic anarchist philosophy. which makes it that much more awesome.
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    Apr 8 2011: Adam's Apples . . . it made me feel, from the bottom of my heart. It ignited my faith in humanity. I laughed and I wept.
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    Apr 8 2011: instead of thinking all time, ill think of what ive seen most recently, ENTER THE VOID.it lingers like a after glow. its probably the most intense exprience ive witnessd on film about the subjects life, death, and the afterlife. not to mention, top notch art house cinematography.
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    Apr 8 2011: It's general there is a reversal in movie. But a crude and improbable reversal spoils the mood in movie. A well-organized plot make us hold our breath until it ends. And bam! It would blow our mind. We just get to give an exclamation of suprise.

    A movie is composed with combinations of many elements. Directors indicate many elements beforehand. All of the elements such as art, music, gesture, dialogue and so on contain metaphor and implication for final blow. All of the elemnts are intimately connected to one another. The puzzle are accurately interlocked to attract attention.

    So the dramatic reversal added zest to the movie. The movie give me a refreshing jolt. The impression from the movie lingers on for a long time.

    The kinds of movies are as follows.
    Planet of the Apes (1968, Franklin J. Schaffner),
    Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back(1980, Irvin Kershner),
    Twelve Monkeys (1995, Terry Gilliam),
    The Usual Suspects(1995, Bryan Singer),
    Primal Fear(1996, Gregory Hoblit),
    Abre los ojos (1997, Alejandro Amenábar),
    The Sixth Sense(1999, M. Night Shyamalan),
    Fight Club(1999, David Fincher),
    Arlington Road (1999, Mark Pellington),
    Unbreakable (2000, M. Night Shyamalan),
    Memento (2000, Christopher Nolan)
    The Others(2001, Alejandro Amenábar),
    K-PAX (2001, Iain Softley),
    Identity(2003, James Mangold),
    Dead End(2003, Jean-Baptiste Andrea, Fabrice Canepa),
    Janghwa, Hongryeon (2003, Jee-woon Kim),
    Old boy (2003, Chan-wook Park),
    Saw(2004, James Wan),
    The Mist(2007, Frank Darabont),
    Orphan (2009, Jaume Collet-Serra),
    Unthinkable (2010, Gregor Jordan)

    There are two Korean film on the list - 'Janghwa, Hongryeon' and 'Old boy'. If you have any chance to watch them, it would be not a waste of time.
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      Apr 8 2011: OLDBOY is beyond amazing, a plot so dark, acting top notch, and the cinematography is beautiful.
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        Apr 8 2011: Park is one of the most popular film directors in Korea. His so-called Vengeance Trilogy consists of 'Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance', 'Oldboy', 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance'. They are in a similarly dark mood and also great films.
  • Apr 7 2011: A film that surprised me is "Monsters vs Aliens". It came free when I bought a new TV recently. It is a 3D TV, not that I want 3D -- there is practically no content out there -- but 3D TVs have the best technology for watching 2D material. I chucked the Monsters DVD in a drawer and forgot about it until a recent snowy Sunday, when I decided to haul out the 3D glasses and see what a 3D movie looks like on TV. The movie is surprisingly well done, quite funny in places, and unexpectedly watchable. I thoroughly enjoyed it! (Can't honestly say it 'inspired' me, but it was fun.)
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    Apr 7 2011: Not many of the movies I watch really inspire me. Some wonderful ones do. Others though have an equally profound impact that I wouldn't call inspiration per se.For example. I saw the Canadian film 'Incendie' this winter and was utterly informed, horrified, and profoundly taught in one short period of time. The lives of the main characters helped me understand so much more than my limited life has ever shown me. The film demonstrated that any violence that you think you are doing to unknown strangers even in war is recursive and it boomerangs on you and your family in unexpected ways. It was one amazing film.
  • Apr 7 2011: 1. Sound of Music: Over coming adversity
    2. E.T.: To interact with those from far lands (planets etc.) on a friendly basis.
    3. Avatar: How NOT to act towards a culture that is different from my own.
    4. Journey to Planet Earth: Cause, effect, & possible solutions to the very home we all live on.