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How can we use crowdsourcing/crowdfunding to reinvent our political process and rescue our democracy?

Most people agree the United States is a plutocracy, not a democracy. Our politicians are beholden to the moneyed interests that helped them get elected, not the American people. We are all aware of the problem but have felt powerless to change it. But we are living in a unique time in human history - a very empowering time.

What if a social contract existed that all elected officials had to sign in order to get elected and were held accountable to adhering to while in office (or we voted them out)? Couldn't we empower millions of currently disenfrachised Americans to actually vote if they had a vested interest in defining the solution....if they helped write this social contract? What would you include in this social contract? What would you like to see changed about our political system? Term limits? Campaign finance regulations? We all know that politicians will never limit their own power and that they are all stuck in a broken system. The question is how to we marshall the power of the crowd to solve this problem. How do we use technology and the power of the crowd to rewrite the rules for our political system and save our troubled democracy?

For a more detailed description please read the following - http://contractforcongress.wordpress.com. All ideas welcome.


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  • May 28 2013: I completely agree Edward. I'm not advocating throwing the system out, what I actually envision is mobilizing voters to affect real change. Please read the following when you get a chance and let me know what you think - http://contractforcongress.wordpress.com.

    It's not a legal contract, it's a social contract. Using the power of social media and crowdsourcing to design new rules for politicians and holding them accountable for adhering to them - or we vote them out. The ultimate solution was given to us by the founding fathers - the vote. The problem is voter apathy. I think voters would rally by the 10's of millions if they felt empowered to be part of a real solution. At the end of the day we put these people in office - not special interests - and we can remove them. Perhaps the majority of the American People have given up on the political process- on both parties and on voting - but who could blame them. I feel we are living through a post party shift in politics - lots of people don't identify with either party and see them both as selve serving and essentially the useless. But voters could be empowered instead of disenfranchised. Technology has created the ability to educate, organize and truly affect change. The question is how do we empower and inspire the American People to get involved in designing a better future and voting people into office who will adhere to our values and ideals? Certainly social media has been playing an ever increasingly valuable part. I'm wondering how we harness and organize this great power to affect real change. I think it could be a social contract with Congress, and mobilizing the vote around this social contract. Ideas welcome and thanks for your reply.

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