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Starting a community, city and country wide drive to empower prodigal fathers to return to their families.

We can help a multitude of children by empowering prodigal fathers with life-skills and resources needed to build strong families for life time.

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    May 28 2013: Yes,! I've had the opportunity to read most of the materials online, but as I look at the results very few fathers are returning to their families. I believe most programs have a time limit, which is not enough time to effect the lives of men. Plus, very few agencies use a wholelistic approach to assist men, which cause a high recidivism.
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      May 28 2013: I have not read that material but I know I have over the last decades come across mens conferences with such aims. Ultimately, the decisions people make involve weighing returning against staying away, perhaps the challenge and difficulty of taking more responsibility against the alternative of trying to make a life without feeling or taking on such responsibility. The first may for many people be very much harder, and the person facing the choice may fear failure in meeting that challenge.

      Might recidivism be anchored in such reasoning? Is there research on why these men choose not to return with permanent commitment to their families? Is it about feeling an urgent need to start over? Is it about having felt their earlier attachment was the result of misjudgment or an error?
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    May 28 2013: Have you explored what has been done in this area? I see lots of materials and programs online that are focused on this area.