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what are the threats and possible solutions to global future food security, is it possible to have a food secure future globally?

applicable and realistic answers will be greatly appreciated.


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    May 28 2013: Thanks to Genetic Engeneering we already have coltures in some areas that we would never been expected to have, considering the natural characteristics of some products. Now we're able to plant and cultivate strawberries, wheat, barley, tomatoes and lots of others in extreme terrains in which they would never been growth without improving their genoma. All without any risk for health, despite what we can listen occasionally from some unschooled voices (you know...audience brings money), and with great perspectives for the developing countries and the 3rd Wolrd. Then, if you're asking if we can solve global hunger, the answer is "Yes, but hungry people is easier to control low-cost. That's why many political leaders are refusing to take this promising way. They need global hunger to legitimate their power, to employ low-cost workers, to remain among the rich countries by making them to stay among the poorest ones. "
    From this point of view, we live in a sad and senseless present, so here's another question Njavwa: "How we could change things?"
    • May 30 2013: considering its "global food security" do the low income countries with land in abundance afford the new technologies? and enlighten me on how global hunger is of essence ans we both walk through the path of how we could change things.

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