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Do you agree with euthanasia? (for humans)

I recently had an argument with 2 of my teachers on this subject. Whenever asked whether they agree with euthanasia or not they were either avoiding to answer or they were completely against it without bringing any arguments to support their opinion.
As far as I've noticed this is a very controversial and sensitive subject but I couldn't find anyone to debate it with.
Both my history and my religion teacher found their safety saying that Jesus says humans have no right to take away anyone's life but they didn't share their personal opinion.
Basically my belief is that endeed we do not have that right but in some cases,when for instance a certain person is too sick and hasn't got any chance of getting better and that person doesn't have the streght or the will to fight anymore and their desire is to die,shouldn't they be given this right?


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  • Jun 2 2013: Hi Mic, I think the focus needs to be on "pain management" and "dignity" instead of one's rights to die. I mean, we all die no matter what, and choosing for it to be sooner than absolutely necessary is unnatural. If a human being could manage their physical pain, and if they find a way to remain dignant, these things would take away their desire to be euthanized, wouldn't it? I know its much more complicated than this of course, but at its root I see those issues that are unresolved in any person seeking to be euthanized.

    If there is no chance of avoiding great pain and great loss of dignity in the time preceding imminent death, then why make someone suffer longer? YES, it should be their decision and YES they should be allowed to choose a quicker death. After all, creating/choosing for our lives is the greatest right of all of us... and that should extend to creating/choosing when that life ends. But this matter is best handled by individuals and their loved ones, not hospitals/politics. So, NO, I don't agree with euthanasia, per se. I envision these candidates for euthanasia to have access to life-ending chemicals/medication, provided by their hospice physicians, and its up to the individual to utilize or not. But I don't think a doctor should set them up on some lethal-injection machine and do it that way. It should be entirely the doing of the individual as much as possible.

    DNRs (Do Not Resucitate)... the existence of these kinds of things tell us what we need to know about choosing to die... that sometimes allowing the physical body to die is the best way to live freely.

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