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Do you agree with euthanasia? (for humans)

I recently had an argument with 2 of my teachers on this subject. Whenever asked whether they agree with euthanasia or not they were either avoiding to answer or they were completely against it without bringing any arguments to support their opinion.
As far as I've noticed this is a very controversial and sensitive subject but I couldn't find anyone to debate it with.
Both my history and my religion teacher found their safety saying that Jesus says humans have no right to take away anyone's life but they didn't share their personal opinion.
Basically my belief is that endeed we do not have that right but in some cases,when for instance a certain person is too sick and hasn't got any chance of getting better and that person doesn't have the streght or the will to fight anymore and their desire is to die,shouldn't they be given this right?


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    Jun 1 2013: During Dr. Kevorkian's era there was an Euthanasia Cruise Line out of Ft. Lauderdale. Every week 25 passengers with one-way tickets would board "The Last Supper" for a final trip to Heaven, by way of Davy Jones' Locker. They each paid $2,500 and could bring one pet. There were 3 days of fancy food, drinking, sex orgies and therapy. Also string quartet music. Outside the 12 mile into International waters, the deck of the 110 foot yacht was greased, titled slightly and the rail removed. Then as the organist played "Nearer My God To Thee," everyone sang, held hands and slid quietly into the ocean forever. What a wonderful way to expire! Those people who chose to die decently were aged 18 to 88. Some were terminally ill. Others were people who had nothing left in life to live for. They were tired of living aimlessly, no goals, no happiness, no mates and just plain bored. Some took their dog or cat with them. But most importantly, all died of their own free will legally in foreign waters.
    • Jun 1 2013: What a wonderful way to die , I know that in Denmark it is allowed , also in Switzerland , Catholic countries , are against it of course . Lets hope that people one day will be able to decide upon their lives . Also because in a near future will shall be too crowded on this planet !

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