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If you were a principal at school,what would you do to manage the school?

Being a principal at school is very important for all children and teachers,as well as for education.I am a teacher at school.And I know how important the job means for children.Sometimes I talked to principals,I felt their jobs are really harder than being a teacher:one is about students' education,another is about:teachers' enthusiasm in teaching.If I were a principal,what should I do to fullfill my love in education?I really have no idea.
I think being a good principal must be a good teacher in advance.right?Must be more than being a teacher?If you were a principal,what would you do to make a better education for children?what should you do to build a teachers' team to work at school?

  • May 28 2013: Hey Ed!
    A good friend of mine is a principal, and he often relates his frustrations to me about dreams he has to improve the school, that are more often than not road-blocked by higher authority and lack of funding.

    I think, the way education is now, it is extremely hard to be a principal. You not only have to have a passion for education, but you have to be an excellent manager as well. You need to delegate tasks, spark creativity, provide support and room for professional development. for your teachers, so they can grow...
    I think a lot of emphasis is put on fund-raising, instead of creative problem-solving.

    I honestly don't know how much freedom a principal has to integrate fresh, new ideas to improve his/her school. Perhaps private schools have more freedom than public ones in that area...?
    • May 28 2013: Hi Dear Lizanne Henessey:)higher authority and lack of funding are two vital nuts for principals to deal with.Another is how to motivate teachers to teach.
      For some teachers,they don't like teaching jobs,but they do need the job to make a living.Infact we know it is better for those teachers to choose others jobs instead of teaching jobs.In reality,it is complicate to mention about change another job.
      Being a principal,who doesn't have the power to dimiss those teachers who dosn't like teaching job.So being a principal,what can he(she) do for it?
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    • May 28 2013: Hi Dear LaMar Alexander,I couldn't agree with you more.That's really terrible if education's direction not for young people's growing but ....Lol'drive me have to pucker up to next...
      What do u mean:worked with high risk adolescents and inmates?I keep working in public school,sometimes I think if there is a free environment for us to teach students,of course being a teacher,I know what should do:)but if I were a principal,What should I do?
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        • May 28 2013: Hi Dear LaMar Alexander,take off my cap for you:).How great u are.That's really not easy to teach adolescent prisons.And that's amazing,from what you described ,obviously you like the job very much:).I couldn't help applause for are great great great~!~
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    May 27 2013: I think conversation is important. I would try to talk a lot with everyone at the school, the children, the teachers, the janitors, everyone. See what they are thinking about, what they are feeling, what they think could make the school better.
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    May 27 2013: Fundamentally a principal should maintain an environment in which teachers can focus enthusiastically on teaching. This might include making sure the appropriate resources are available, that teachers are protected from excessive administrative requirements that do not support student learning as much as they take time, and manage the building as a building, Some principals are qualified to provide instructional leadership and some are not. In my experience, it is better to hire professionals for teaching positions and enable their collaboration than to hire people who need instructional direction from the principal.
    • May 27 2013: Hi Dear Fritizie Reisner,being a principal,what instructional direction should you have for teachers?
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        May 27 2013: I am not sure I understand your question. I think principals should be former teachers of the age group in the building they administer. They should understand the environment in which teachers are teaching and be able to interact productively also with the students in the building and their parents.

        In the United States I believe all building principals have teaching credentials as well. School superintendents, on the other hand, that are administrators of districts including many schools, often do not have teaching experience. The same is true of school board members.
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    • May 27 2013: Hi,Dear ZX Style,if some of teachers' qualities aren't as good as you want,and you can't dismiss them,what will you do?
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        • May 27 2013: do you think good qualities of being a teacher all can be trained?
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        • May 28 2013: good tips:)The problem is:most of teachers who don't like teaching but they do it until they retire.