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So after watching this great presentation, what is YOUR brand?

I thought it was interesting observing the interviews and very entertaining when the executives at the company couldn't even describe their own brand. When he moved to the street, I thought why not move to the TED discussion.

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    Apr 11 2011: At a personal level my brand is - challenging ideas.

    The world we live in today lacks sufficient vision to achieve a future that will constantly excite and delight the generations to come. We live in a world full of brands, more than ever before. Are we happier? Do we feel we are on a good path? If you ask the youth of today they are not satisfied with the status quo but they do not feel there is a vision, a brand for the future.

    I think the world needs visionaries people who can create a brand for life in the future not just brands for products and services.

    What do you think?
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      Apr 10 2011: I'd like to know how you got the idea that you are so much better than everyone else and what makes you so special that you can judge everyone else so quickly and easily?

      When it comes to robots, don't you think it's easier to program something else than to look inward? You mention self reflection as something that comes easily, but for many people it is in fact a challenging task wouldn't you agree?