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Education is not about school, is the passion for knowledge.

It is very interesting to me that when ever we talk about education, we automatically thinks of school system and how bad they are at doing their job. True schools were build for the purpose of learning, however from my personal experience I would like to say it is not the only place to be educated.

When Sir Ken Robinson talks about education revolution, I think he missed some of the important points. To me, education revolution does not only mean school reforms, but going beyond schools. What I find so precious about learning out side of school is the willingness to acquire more knowledge. I become fascinated by the subject itself and uncontrollably wanting to know more about it. More importantly it gives me freedom to explore deeper and deeper, there is nothing called curriculum to limit you from learning.

Isn't that what we are trying to achieve in our school system but never succeeded? The true passion for knowledge and limitless curiosity.

I believe we are getting it wrong.School should not be the one and only place of learning. We are not giving our next generation enough time to find out all the possibilities of future. We live in such a complex society today, how can our children know about the lastest achievements when they are still learning knowledge centuries ago?

But please don't get me wrong, I still see school as an incredible place to learn knowledge and skills, and gather with people of the same passion. What I'm seeing is that the tight curriculum seems to be limiting potential

Here I'm calling for a change, to cut down the current curriculum and give children the time and opportunity to find out all the things that intrest them. Let our next generation explore the world freely, and pursuit their life's passion. By doing so they will acquire all the necessary knowledge, because that's what they truly wants to learn.

The value of education is the passion for it. If the children are passionate, why wouldn't they learn.

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    May 28 2013: School can certify mostly , education depends on one's learning agility , keeping that alive for life long is the challenge
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      May 30 2013: That's what I am trying to talk about! A passion for learning that will keep us going no matter we are in school or not. The school system are giving students rather than educating them about how to learn, and the tight curriculum leaves no time and space for them to be excited. It's interesting to see how students are more interested in the subject when things go off topic a little. If we can leave room for those off topic conversations and let students gain interest in the subject, it could develop into a life's passion and motivation of independent learning.

      Thank you for your comment. I'm still figuring out how to present my argument forward and every comment give me a new point to think about the construction of my idea. I love the TED community here, and it is part of my education :P

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