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Social media can amplify your voice but how come it doesn't happen very often?

You probably heard hundreds of times already about how social media can help you make your voice heard. One of the examples mentioned to prove this is the “United breaks guitar” video, which had 150,000 views in one day and 10 million in less than 6 months. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Breaks_Guitars

I know that there are thousands of examples, but considering that there are billions of Facebook posts and tweets every day, the number of the stories actually being amplified is insignificant.

Which made me think: how does this happen? Is it random? Do you need to have man followers, which will share your posts to their followers and so on? Should you post sensitive or controversial topics, which are more likely to make others share? Does it help to be aggressive and share the same post repeatedly on several social media platforms?

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    Jun 2 2013: Are you talking about going viral or building a presence?
    There are no real guides for going viral (I've researched it somewhat) but there are elements that increase your chance, using animals, babies and old people have a really high viral score. you can find half guides if you Google it.

    Now building a presence is totally doable but as with any marketing you have to give people what they want and you have to spend your time in the right way. There are a gazillion guides out there just Google it and you'll know what to do after some days reading ;)

    But really it's quite simple and very hard, you need to CONNECT with people, that's it!
    Have a TEDxTalk on the topic: Bobby Umar - The 5 C's of connection

    *Edit: forgot to add link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piKHZWhzTYU
    • Jun 15 2013: Thanks Jimmy. I'll listen to Umar.I'm doing fictional models of steady state economics so am trying to build a platform. I found that sticking to subject matter to establish expertise and credibility is fundamental. I like your difference between going viral and building a presence. As a student of complex systems, it reminds me that the market would love to know what makes something go viral. After years at it, the conclusion probably rests with the fact that complex systems have several sources of unpredictability and amplification is one of them.

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